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What we do

One in Five is a film production company that not only produces engaging and compelling content, but we strive to help individuals within the disabled community to realise their dreams by creating opportunities for employment within the TV & Film industry.


We're here to help brands demonstrate their commitment to disability diversity through the power of film. If you are in a medium to large enterprise and want to do something amazing today, click below... 


One in Five have set out to create the largest platform of disabled-led, online content, within the next five years. We've a huge task ahead of us and we know we can't do it alone...


We are committed to being the leading, dedicated film production company that is specialist given its unique position not only filming content for the disabled community, but by providing skilled crew and talent for productions across digital and broadcast.


Soon, we will launch our One in Five Academy, which will help train individuals across the disabled community so that they can gain access to skilled roles both in front and behind the camera. 

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