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Film Production

Film Set

One in Five have the in house resources to deliver high quality film for both digital and broadcast. Our goal is to primarily work with likeminded organisations who are not just focused on disability, but see the value in using a highly skilled company that utilise production crews that have disabilities. 

This is a great opportunity for you to use this advantage to generate some positive headlines for your organisation and help further develop the values of your brand in developing its diversity.


In a nutshell.

Our work acorss film and television, consists of over 50 years combined experience within the One in Five team, working with some of the most well known global broadcasters and media outlets. 

On the digital front, we have experience developing online content that is optimised for social channels and have access to a  range of top-of-the-line technological resources including Live Streaming capabilities both for indoor and outdoor broadcast.

We have access to the latest camera and drone technology, ranging from Blackmagic, RED, Sony Cinema line as well as cinema-grade drones.

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